1. Susan 2013-11-29 04:16

    Hi Mich .. sorry to say, you are not going to find one, but the good news is that the camera <a href="http://iptogwpbunz.com">manceauturfres</a> are working on correcting the problem. They aren't there yet so if you want a reasonably priced point and shoot, you have no alternative but to accept that glitch. I do have a suggestion or you which really makes a difference. When you get ready to take the picture . don't just press the shutter button straight away. Gently press it half way while looking through the view finder to make sure all is in focus when you are ready, press it the rest of the way which will take your picture immediately that works for me I get very little lag if any and this is the only way to minimize the issue. When you go to buy a camera make sure the sales rep lets you try that trick with all of ones you are considering. See which ones are faster at taking the picture. Don't worry, with some practice, you will get good at it. Thanks for reading.References :

  2. Mike 2013-11-28 11:41

    Thanks for your message.Does your ping spike (suddenly go much high) when that <a href="http://nttkjdd.com">hanepps</a>? If so it could be a problem with your internet connection losing packets. If all player's ping spikes at the same time then it's probably a problem with the server. Well known servers on solid hosts (e.g. SpecialAttack) shouldn't have any problems, but if somebody is hosting a server from their home it could lag. If a player's ping goes much higher that could mean they are causing the lag, for example if somebody else in their house starts watching Youtube and slows their internet connection a lot.It could also be your computer lagging (or some other player's computer) if it's old. Press F11 while playing and look at the FPS (frames per second) display in the bottom of the screen. It should stay above 20 otherwise you might be causing lag. Playing on a lower resolution and not zooming out will help keep your FPS high. Unfortunately at the moment if just one player has a slow computer giving a low FPS it will cause the game to lag for everybody. We plan to show when a player is causing lag like this so other players know why it is lagging and the lagging player can fix the problem.It could be something else that is causing your problem, these kind of issues are complicated but we'd really like to fix it. We appreciate your message. Let us know if we can help you further or if you have any more information that might help us solve these issues

  3. Natalija 2013-11-27 18:18

    Guys!! This game is the love of my childhood! I can't exspers how happy I am to see KaM Remake! I extend my deepest gratitude to the whole team I'm so emotional right now I can't thank you enough!!! Thank you soo much for working on this and I hope you make it even better! I'm a student in a foreign country right now, otherwise I would've donated a regular portion of my salary to this game's development! I'm playing your Remake almost everyday on multiplayer these days and the hours of joy that it brings me I owe them all to you! Thank you and keep it up !

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